The Widow Wagon Series Vol. 1 Boxed Set

Megan Michaels
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A collection of the four books in the Widow Wagon Series a historical western D/s romance series!

The Widow Wagon might be the last, best hope--the last desperate option. Widows and their children could purchase safe passage in a covered wagon to the Oregon Territory -- where they would all meet up with the strong, determined men looking for mail order brides.

Seven beautiful women, full of spirited southern sass and female pride had lost their husbands in the Civil War, and for the first time, they found themselves alone. They wouldn't let the horrible hand they'd been dealt define them, confine them to a prison of sorrow and loss. No, they'd each make a new life, a fresh start in the hardscrabble west, where anything was possible...if you wanted it badly enough.

They had planned for the arduous journey, the unpredictable weather, and the deadly Shoshone. What they hadn't planned for was one grizzled, rough-around-the edges, heavy-handed Alpha male ... who just happened to be the wagonmaster himself.

For Angus, life as the Widow Wagon's master was an escape - from a life he thought had passed him by, from a past of unspeakable pain and grief. Guarding the lives and hopes of desperate women dreaming of a new beginning in the wide-open west had allowed him a chance to heal, to chart his own course Doing all he could to give his charges the promise of a brighter tomorrow.

The lawless frontier offered much more than opportunity and a fresh start. It offered hardship, and conflict, anguish. And at every turn, a chance to lose much more than your way.

693 pages!!  

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The Widow Wagon Series Vol. 1 Boxed Set

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