The Renegade's Captive (Widow Wagon, Book 4)

Megan Michaels
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A kidnapped woman, rescued by a hero… but could her hero rescue her from her dark desires too?

For headstrong, newly married Minnie, the long trip across the American prairie was arduous enough. But her rescue by the heroic US Marshal, Silas, only made things more complicated. She’d married her hero --- and thought she was well on the way to her much-deserved happily ever after.

Life was never that simple though. Yes, Silas, the gruff alpha male with a very dirty mouth, a heart of gold, and a spanking hand of steel had won her freedom, but her kidnapping ordeal had awakened something else within her. Something dark. Something forbidden. A twisted desire she didn’t understand.

It was a need to relive her experience, to reenact her capture, to feel her surrender all over again.

A US Marshal’s first duty was to protect, to serve those he was charged with watching over. And nothing gave Silas more pleasure that watching over, protecting -- and strictly correcting -- the sassy, chestnut haired beauty named Minnie. So much so, that he’d made her his wife.

But their sexual dynamic had evolved, intensified, become something much deeper than merely that between man and wife. The kidnap and capture games he and his gorgeous wife enjoyed only brought them closer, even as they stirred within him primitive dominant urges, desires which might prove too dangerous to control.

It had become a burning fire he feared could consume the both of them.

Traveling to Green River, Wyoming offered more than a fresh start for them. It offered somewhere the two new lovers could find themselves -- and find a place they could build a new life together.

The great wide open was a harsh, unforgiving place, but with the able and loyal help of their friends, Angus and Clara, they intended to conquer it. Planting a new homestead was but the beginning of their challenges in the hardscrabble west though. The lawless frontier offered much more than opportunity, and a fresh start.

It offered hardship, and conflict, anguish.

And at every turn, a chance to lose much more than your way…

Publisher’s Note: This book can be read as a standalone. Enjoyment of the novel will be enhanced by reading the previous entries in the Widow Wagon series, but it’s not necessary.

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The Renegade's Captive (Widow Wagon, Book 4)

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